Ok so, I wanted to write a post about a subject that affects a lot of us in many different ways and that is… acne! Few people can actually say they have never had acne yet alone a pimple (my husband… arghhh, let’s not talk about his perfect skin). I have always had some breakouts on my face due to the fact that I have a combination to oily skin and of course the joy of being a woman and our monthly hormonal changes. But what I have never had was pimples on my shoulders… ever.  

Starting at the beginning of 2017 I started noticing a few pimples here and there on my shoulders but didn’t really think much of it until I realized they were not going away. As the pimples would go away new ones would break out and I’m not going to lie I started to get self-conscious because my shoulders were starting to look like a battle field. 

I tried everything to make this shoulder acne go away but nothing worked, sadly.  

One day when I was at my osteopath’s, I don’t remember how we started talking about acne and pimples, but he told me that someone he knew also had the same thing happen and the reason being that she had food intolerances and that I should try a bioresonance therapy.  

But what is bioresonance therapy? It is a therapeutical practice which uses electromagnetic waves to diagnose and treat human illnesses.  

As curious as I am, I called and booked an appointment.  

At the end of the consultation, the therapist looks at me and says: “there are indeed a couple of things”… I thought to myself, oh boy here we go… 

Turns out, I have a dairy and egg yolk intolerance, not to confuse with lactose intolerant, which is the sugar contained in the milk. So he suggested that I stop consuming dairy products and that within three weeks I would start to see a difference. Not only pimple wise but less bloating and more energy. 

I was super excited to actually stop all dairy products despite my love for cheese, if that meant no more pimples.  

Food intolerances can have different symptoms or reactions depending on each and every one. We are all different but I think it is interesting to know what our bodies can tolerate or not.  

So are you as curious as I am? 

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